David played Dennis Cain in Willy Russell’s "One for the Road".

Set in 1980’s sprawling suburbia, the action centres around a dinner party at Dennis and Pauline Cain’s semi-detached dormer bungalow on the eve of Dennis’s 40th birthday.

He’s in the throes of a mid-life crisis – disillusioned with the conventional life he’s been saddled with and desperate to breakout. Pauline is more concerned with cooking to impress. The presence of upwardly-mobile Roger and Jane at the party and Dennis’s Olympic alcohol consumption combine to send the evening spiralling out of control and heading towards a revelation from Dennis that shatters the status quo…

“Esk Valley Theatre has chosen a good play and great actors – excellent theatre. Restless Dennis crouches on the sofa, leaps over it and lies on the floor completely unrelaxed – making actor David Smith mesmerising to watch.” – Emily Thwaite – Northern Echo